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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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The FCA Campus Ministry provides a variety of programs to serve the different needs of the local campuses to make an impact:

  • "Huddles" - an FCA club that reaches out to the entire campus.
  • Team Bible Studies
  • Chapel Programs
  • Assembly Programs
  • Team FCA Memberships - signing The Competitor's Creed.
  • One Way 2 Play - a program that more than 400,000 students have commited to playing drug and alcohol-free since it began in 1991.
  • Special Outreach Programs - such as See You at the Pole and Fields of Faith.
  • Prayer Groups

What is a Huddle Coach?
A Huddle Coach is a coach, faculty member or volunteer who feels led to assist the student leaders in organizing and carrying out the FCA programs and activities on the campus.  A Huddle Coach will fill many roles, but the most important quality in the Huddle Coach is their commitment to seeing lives of student-athletes change through Jesus Christ.

Who can participate?
While athletes and coaches are the target, the FCA Campus Ministry does not place those requirements on the partcipants.  The framework and materials provided focus on the common ground of athletics, but as the athletes grow in their faith, those athletes may desire to reach out to the entire student body.

Calvert County

Calvert HS
 Huddle Coach - Erik Holm      Wednesday 10:15am      Room 326

Huntingtown HS
 Huddle Coach -  Lauren Helm      Thursdays 11:45am     Room E110

Northern HS
 Huddle Coach -  Erin Troncone       Thursdays  6:45am     Gym

Northern MS

Huddle Coach - Clayton Lewis       Thursday  1:45pm     Cafeteria

Patuxent HS
 Huddle Coach - Bonnie Brown and Tiffany Heamstead    Thursday  11:19am  Room 341

Plum Point MS 

Huddle Coach - Stacy Criss            Tuesday 12:20pm  Room 335

Southern MS

Huddle Coach - Star Benjamin          Monday   12:15pm   Room  ??

Windy Hills MS

Huddle Coach - Nathan Orlandi   1st and 3rd Wednesday   7:30am  Library

Charles County

Davis Middle School
 Huddle Coach - Brett Gerhart   Wednesdays  3:30pm Library

Henson MS

Huddle Coach - Deb Luehe   Tuesday  11:15am  Health Room

Lackey HS

Huddles Coach - Jennifer Hoiler     Thursday  12:09pm   Room  LL-10

La Plata HS
 Huddle Coaches - Brent Stum  Friday  10:50am   Choir Room

McDonough HS

Huddle Coach - Dave Bradshaw    TBD

North Point HS
 Huddle Coach - Jessica Cocherham and Steve Sollohub    Tuesday 11am  Room 2339

St. Charles HS

Huddle Coach - Treesa Respass     Wednesday  8:54am   Room A322

Stoddert MS

Huddle Coach - Holly Walsh    1st and 3rd Wednesday 3:15pm  Room 6D

Thomas Stone HS
 Huddle Coach - Johnathan Cotugno    Friday  8:26am  Room 301

Westlake HS

Huddle Coach - Daniel Richard and Sarah Clngerman   Tuesday  8:26am  Room 224

St. Marys County

Chopticon HS
 Huddle Coache - Brian Miller    Thursday 12:10pm and 12:36pm  JROTC Trailer Class 2

Great Mills HS
 Huddle Coach - Daniel Morris     Friday  12:05pm   Room C03

Leonardtown HS
 Huddle Coach - Stephanie Law   Friday  12:35pm    2E36